Wednesday, April 2, 2008

4G63 Build part 4

Okay, here we go. Yet another incredibly late update. Now that the engine is completely assembled, its time to bolt up the transmission before dropping it in. This was a little tricky by myself, but not to bad thanks to the cherry picker.

IMG_8280.jpg IMG_8280.JPG picture by stringfr
IMG_8281.jpg IMG_8281.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_8279.jpg IMG_8279.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_8284.jpg IMG_8284.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_8286.jpg IMG_8286.JPG picture by stringfr

All put together and ready to go in:

IMG_8288.jpg IMG_8288.JPG picture by stringfr
IMG_8289.jpg IMG_8289.JPG picture by stringfr

Sorry, no pics of hoisting it into the car (all hands were busy). Just like removing the engine, we jacked the car WAY up in the air and slid the whole assembly in from underneath and then lowered the car down.

IMG_8290.jpg IMG_8290.JPG picture by stringfr
IMG_8291.jpg IMG_8291.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_8292.jpg IMG_8292.JPG picture by stringfr

Oh, one tip I forgot to point out when removing everything. Here's how I supported the axle when I pulled it out of the transmission:

IMG_8293.jpg IMG_8293.JPG picture by stringfr

Progression of hooking everything back up:

IMG_8294.jpg IMG_8294.JPG picture by stringfr
IMG_8295.jpg IMG_8295.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_9150.jpg IMG_9150.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_9157.jpg IMG_9157.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_9158.jpg IMG_9158.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_9247.jpg IMG_9247.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_9248.jpg IMG_9248.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_9249.jpg IMG_9249.JPG picture by stringfr

Brand new t-stat housing:

IMG_9163.jpg IMG_9163.JPG picture by stringfr
IMG_9164.jpg IMG_9164.JPG picture by stringfr

Radiator ready to go in:

IMG_9250.jpg IMG_9250.JPG picture by stringfr

So close, yet so far away

IMG_9251.jpg IMG_9251.JPG picture by stringfr
IMG_9253.jpg IMG_9253.JPG picture by stringfrIMG_9559.jpg IMG_9559.JPG picture by stringfr

ALL RIGHT!! All put back together! Now all I have to do is prime the oil pump and fire it up! Stay tuned.

IMG_96293.jpg IMG_9629 (3).JPG picture by stringfr

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