Friday, September 28, 2007

4G63 Build, Part 2

Finally, another post about the engine! :P

Okay, so after pulling the engine I had to strip it down to a long block. I took everything off except the timing stuff, valve cover, and oil pan.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me:

IMG_8004.jpg Got a long way to go... image by stringfrIMG_8012.jpg Heat shields image by stringfrIMG_8020.jpg Look at all that Crap! image by stringfr

Harbor Freight stand bolts up nicely:

IMG_8039.jpg Stand bolts up nicely image by stringfrIMG_8017.jpg Pretty bulky image by stringfr

Intake side. Note the thick goo running down the block. Oil? Nope. Dead knock sensor. <=P

IMG_8041.jpg Intake ports image by stringfrIMG_8040.jpg Knock sensor goo image by stringfr

Intake ports up close:

IMG_8042.jpg Intake ports image by stringfrIMG_8043.jpg Intake port closeup image by stringfr

Exhaust ports:

IMG_8046.jpg Lookin' bare image by stringfrIMG_8050.jpg Exhaust Ports image by stringfr

Timing stuff and valve cover:

IMG_8044.jpg Timing crap image by stringfrIMG_8051-1.jpg image by stringfr

After stripping it down I strapped it to a tire in the back of my neighbor's pickup and took it down to Robert Garcia at Road/Race Engineering (getting used to that shop name yet?? It's RRE from here on out.)

I should get the engine back at the beginning of next week. Now I have to clean the engine bay and a bunch of parts. I also have to order about a zillion gaskets, o-rings, and other misc. parts! =\

Stay tuned!

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